Promotion Everlasting Promotion by Christine Duncan

I tried to write this post a couple of weeks ago and it just wouldn’t publish. I ended up with an empty post and I’m not sure why.
But I’m obsessed with promotion right now as the first two books in my series are about to be re-released. I’ve tried a few things I know I will do again. I feel that making a connection somehow is the key. So I will try to do talks to places, as I feel that I did well with that, although I dread it. I won’t go to conferences as I feel that even though I was usually on panels there and did talks, it wasn’t worth it in terms of sales.
I want a local angle. Last time I made t-shirts of my book covers and wore them out and about. I will probably do that again. But I have also thought about possibly putting a bumper sticker on the car. Has anyone done that?
Does it provoke discussion?
I will definitely do blog tours so I’m about to go to writer’s groups I know and ask if anyone has room for a guest blogger. I find that to be good for spreading the word on my books.
I know people who do news letters. I’ve never done one. I can’t decide what on earth you would write about for them. (Yes, I know interview my characters. Really? And then what? You have to do these at least quarterly, right?)
And Of course I’ll send the books out for review, and go on Goodreads. But I want to find a way to make a connection. Bookstore signings were always tedious to me. I know when I go to a bookstore and see an author there, I try to avoid their eyes, and sneak in the store without them seeing me. Am I the only one?


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