Write a House by Christine Duncan

Let’s be honest. Most of us are never going to earn our living with our writing. What the average writer earns is a topic you’ll see a bunch of entries for in google but the figures seem to vary from a thousand to five thousand per book (if that.) Yes, best sellers do better, but most of us aren’t earning a living with our words.
That may be why I am so fascinated with Write a House. They are looking for writers who want to live permanently in Detroit. The innovative program seeks to revitalize the city, while enriching it culturally, and not so incidentally, helping writers and the unemployed citizens of Detroit too. They award to one deserving writer,  a house, which they have bought and remodeled through a vocational program that helps the unemployed. Talk about creative! This program is win win win for all involved. They’re presenting their latest award next month (september)
You can read more about it at Publishers Weekly.


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