An Invitation to Mystery Writers by Christine Duncan

Tell me about your book, mystery writers.

I read a fair amount.  I like to have a couple of books on my nightstand (one e book for when I just can’t wear my contacts anymore, the other paper) as well as an audio book  for when I’m running or doing chores.  But lately, I keep feeling as though I can’t find enough of what I like to read.  So help me out.

I like to read mystery.  And I really am not that thrilled to be reading about sex.  But lately, I keep coming up with books that are way too heavy on the sex and not enough mystery.  Mind you, I avoid books that have half naked (or fully naked) people on the cover, have a synopsis that tells me how steamy the book is or a review that seems to dwell on anything other than the mystery.  I’m just not that interested.

If you have a mystery book out, tell me about it.




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