Free Promotion Education by Christine Duncan

Whenever I have needed a skill that I’ve lcked, I’ve gone to the library for a book. Of course, YouTube has videos, and the web is full of articles, and those are wonderful if you need to fix something but they fall short when you need to know more than just how to balance your check book. So I was delighted to see that my library is now offering Lynda. It offers courses on things like how to do 3d illustration, or how to do accounts payable. For free.
The course I’m interested in is digital marketing, with information on how to develop a marketing plan, training in SEO, and google analytics among other things. This is supposed to be about 23 hours of coursework, so I’m struggling with how to fit it in, but how cool to have this option for FREE. Don’t you love libraries?


One response to “Free Promotion Education by Christine Duncan

  1. I definitely do love libraries, yes!!! I’m with you–that’s the first place I go if I need to know something that’s at all complicated. The library and its treasures have bailed me out of a number of sticky situations. And also just provided many happy hours. It’s a rare week when I don’t go to the library at least one time.

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