Local Promo by Christine Duncan

I’ve always believed in promoting my books locally. By this I mean, I will do talks for local groups or attend author events at libraries or bookstores. Promotion online is good too but people seem to like to talk to authors and enjoy finding out that a book is set in the place where they live or that it mentions places they know. I find these kind of promotions difficult though. I am uncomfortable with selling and even more so with talking in front of a group of people plus, they’re limited by your time and availability.
Lately though, I’ve wondered about other marketing. What about giving out coupons for a free download in the community welcome wagon package? What is a win win way to draw people in to a local bookshop and sell my book? I want something different than to be that author sitting at the entrance, so that customers coming in avoid gazing that way, because they DON”T want to be sold something. I even sat in the movie theater the other day looking at an ad for local ads there and wondered if that was an effective idea.
I keep remembering hearing about one best seller who loaded the trunk of his car with books, then went out and sold them, going across the country, and sitting on street corners doing it. I can’t quit my day job and do that, but there has to be another way.


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