Promotion Again by Christine Duncan

There was a discussion on MurderMustAdvertise about an article claiming great sales for several lucky authors who either self-pubbed or were published by very small press. When I say lucky authors, I mean smart. The biggest part of the group discussion centered on how the successful authors advertised. People speculated that success correlated to the number of books written as one author now had eleven out. I can understand that one because I love to find an author I like with a lot of books out that I can look forward to.
Some said it was due to Facebook ads. Now of course, that my first book is coming back out soon, I want to do a Facebook ad. However, I don’t want to break the piggy bank. So I wonder, how do you know what is successful in advertising? How do you decide that it wasn’t some Amazon review that boosted sales but rather the giveaway you did on DorothyL or the contest you ran on Goodreads? Anyone have an insight?


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