E-books by Christine Duncan

I’ve done a lot of posts on ebooks ovre the years. By this time, I had really expected that ebooks would be an easy sell. Many people that I know read them. I hear over and over again about the advantages. And yet, in this past week alone, I have heard from more than one author that their publishers are disappointed in their e-book sales.
Mind you, I don’t think this is due to lack of promotion. As a matter of fact, I think of one of these authors as a super promoter. She is always speaking somewhere, taking her books to sell somewhere, on a blog tour, or Facebook or running an Amazon promo. I want to pick this woman’s brain and find out how she learns about all of the opportunities and how she finds the time to do them all. She doesn’t seem to ever stop.
But even with all of that, she has problems.
I have a sort of scale myself when trying out new authors. I almost always start at the library. So is that still the problem with ebooks? My library’s ebooks are with Overdrive, 3M Cloud library and Hoopla. They don’t buy individual ebooks for each library as they do with paper books. So I would guess that means less ebooks sell.
So what is the answer? Is there a way to sell to Overdrive and Hoopla? Do we include special features in ebook editions, as magazines do? What would that special feature be?


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