Blogging by Christine Duncan

I have been a writer on this blog for a number of years now. So you would think I would know about blogging. But I was messing around in WordPress before writing this blog post and discovered that I still have stuff to learn. For instance, before this, I never knew what a slug was.  Of course, I had noticed over the years that there was a shorter link to my posts, but I’d never bothered to find out what they called it.

I also see that there is a place to write an excerpt for each post.  Really?  People do that?  Blogging seems to me to be reading and writing light already.  The only thing shorter in most cases would be a tweet.  People really write excerpts?  If you do, can you tell me why?  Is it so you can tweet it? WordPress’s definition on the excerpt tells me I should not confuse it with the teaser.  I never would consider that as I don’t write teasers for these blogs either.  The things you learn when you are procrastinating.


One response to “Blogging by Christine Duncan

  1. You are a beautiful, persistent Christian. I love your blogs
    Love and hugs

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