The Fourth Estate by Christine Duncan

When I was a kid, I looked up to journalists, believing in them as the fourth estate, fighting corruption, bringing out the truth in this world. Journalism, I thought, was the highest form of writing, staying independent, digging for the truth. I wanted to be like that.
Later I saw the profession of writing as so much less than that. Writers write for companies, and thus have to answer to their bosses. There was product to be sold, advertising for those products seemed to be the reason for many an article, news and opinion pieces seemed to cross lines. Yet I still believed that the truth was being told in many ways.
After this election season, I wonder if we as a society get any of the truth. I see stories run as fact which are thinly disguised opinion. (“The GOP wants to get rid of Trump.” or “Bernie Sanders should drop out now–No path to Election.) Someone wrote that stuff, someone who purports to be a journalist. Media has made political contributions, has a stake in the game, when it should be that independent fourth estate.
Is there freedom of speech in the U.S. of A? Unquestionably. Do we get to hear the unbiased truth? I don’t think it happens that often anymore. And that is wrong.


One response to “The Fourth Estate by Christine Duncan

  1. Very good point. I do think there’s truth out there but you have to wade through a lot of BS to get at it.

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