No Rest for the Writer

It’s been an odd week. I’ve finished the book I was working on, but it needs a final polish. I’ve put it aside for a couple of weeks so I can get some distance from it before I do that, but what do I do in those weeks?

Well, at first, it was just loads of reading and watching DVDs. But if I don’t write I get a miserable and cranky, so I have to write. There’s no point starting the next series – I’m not ready, and anyway I need to escape from that world for a while.

So I’m working on a completely different series. Loads of research needed, and I’ve already started writing a few key scenes. They were in my head and would not just shut up.

What about you? Can you rest between books? Can you put the pen down for a month, or longer? Can you stop writing for a while? I suspect not. I suspect you’re as obsessed as I am. I suspect when you stop the daydreams of stories take over your life until you have no choice but to write.

There’s no rest for a writer. Every minute, every second, a story – or rather, a mass of stories – is spinning in their heads. Try and stop them writing them down and they become a snappy, angry monster. Writers just keep writing, or if they can’t write, dreaming. They will always imagine new worlds, new people, new situations and it seems we just can’t stop ourselves.


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