Promotion Again by Christine Duncan

I am thinking about getting back into promotion again. I mean the active kind of promotion, where you line up speaking/signing engagements, attend area conferences to network, redo the blog/website and put yourself out there.
I did it before so I know I can do it again but I am amazed by all the new things I need to learn.
For instance, did you know that Amazon offers a way to preview your book? Yes, thanks to the good folks at Marketing for Romance writers, I found this out this week. Go to the far right on yoir book’s page on Amazon, and look for embed (Down next to the Facebook, twitter symbols.) Click the word enbed, and you will get the code to put the link to your preview  on your blog or website. I posted mine on here, if you want to see what it looks like.
That was cool to find out, But I also need to know so much more. Which is better–Book Bub or Read Cheaply? How do you best use an author’s page on Facebook? How do you do a Facebook ad? How is Goodreads going to change now that they are merging with Shelfari? I feel as though everything I used to know about promo is outdated.

I learned before.  I will do it again.


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