Writing Prompts by Christine Duncan

Writing prompts can help get your writing flowing, or so they say. I’ve seen books of them (that might be a fun one to write), seen them passed around on social media and Writers Digest even has a page dedicated to them.

I tend to like them although, I find they can pull me off track.  I will spend my time on them, rather than getting my writing done for the day.  A case in point is one I’ve seen floating around Facebook this week. Write the saddest story you know using only four words.  That one is hard.   And it’s been racing around in my head ever since I read it.  It is impossible, but I can’t stop trying. It’s just fun.

It made me remember a book of writing exercises, that I love.  I think I’m going to go dig up a copy of What If?  Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers by Ann Bernays. Sometimes writing should be fun.


One response to “Writing Prompts by Christine Duncan

  1. What a fun post! I’m not so sure they’re a waste of time, at least once every couple of weeks or so. Sometimes my brain needs the exercise, and seems to want the exercise too. It may come in handy at some future time, and maybe I won’t even know that the reason I had good luck with some writing was that I’d allowed myself some latitude with the “fun” stuff.

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