Short Stories by Christine Duncan

I’ve been thinking about writing a few short stories for promo. You know, to have something to give away. I got started on this because the publisher of one of my books wrote all of her authors an email about her plan to give away the first book in all of her series. But as I said, she only publishes one of my books.
Still it seems a good plan. People will get interested, hopefully with the first book and go on to purchase the rest of the series. Hence the short story thought.
I know that I love returning to series books and getting another glimpse into the character’s lives. But I wonder how well this all works in practice. Could you give out your first book, if you thought it would help sell your other books?


One response to “Short Stories by Christine Duncan

  1. This is somewhat related to your question. In the eleven years I’ve sold books, I’ve had a number of cases where a particular book languished on the shelf with a ridiculously high Amazon rank, until one day when the author published another book, a book which appealed to people in a way earlier ones never had. Then everything that author wrote becomes suddenly much more desirable. It has less to do, I think, with which book is better, just one book came along at the right time and the earlier one was less fortunately timed even though it could really be as good or better than the later one. So my answer would be, I think I would do whatever it took just to get people to read something I wrote, and then they really might want to see more.

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