I have an obsessive personality. There, I admit it. I become obsessed with TV shows (currently Arrow. And Doctor Who. And Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries) and books (Ann Cleeves Shetland Series) and food (Thai rice) and pictures and all kinds of things. I have often sought to fight these obsessions in the past, and be sensible, and restrained, but that only heightens the need. The only thing to is to feed my obsession until it’s sated, and it drifted away.

This is why I write. I have an idea in my head, a line, a character, a beginning, and I have to write until the story is told. Then I have to go back and dig into the story to find all the hidden background details I didn’t see first time. Then I have to go back and expand everything else in the story until everyone has a backstory, even if I don’t write it.

It’s an obsession. I can’t let this story go until I know everything. Only then can I let it go.


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