Health Insurance Plea by Christine Duncan

Please share this post,as I know I am not the only one. You see I can NOT sign up for health insurance. I have been trying for literally months now. If I go to my state’s health market place, it tells me I must call in as I cannot sign up online. No reason is given, just that I cannot. I tried several times in December alone.
I interspersed this with trying to call in. Trying to call in to Connect for Health here in Colorado was a full time job in December. I never did get through. I started to get worried. Last years insurance was with a health coop that had gone out of business, so I had extra time, but still, I wanted insurance in January, just in case I needed it. It wasn’t to be.
Finally when I called in mid-January, I waited for almost an hour but I finally got through, only to be told that the person who was helping could not get my tax credits to come over. She was unable to help, she said. What did that mean? I asked, to the empty air. She had already hung up.
In the following week, I got a series of confusing emails from Connect for Health. One asked for documents to be sent by May of 2015. Another said my issue was closed. Still I could not purchase insurance on the state website. I had no idea how to go back to last year and give them documentation I had already given.
I was undeterred. I had had problems last year too, as they seemed unable to understand that my husband got VA insurance and did not need their help. It went on all year but someone could surely help. I went to the library
in another suburb, to enlist the support of people who had experience in this, at a Connect for Health site.
Two ladies were there for a line of people. Still they tried to juggle us all. First they had us all sit at computers, and they went down the line. When one finally got to me, she cut short my explanations, having heard much the same from others all day. She put me through the drill, asking me to show her what I saw in the website. She could not help me purchase insurance either. She told me not to worry. The system was merely behind and they would correct this. I was allowed to be uninsured for two months with no penalty, she said. I would surely have insurance by March.
What if I were hit by a bus on the way home, I asked? Would the system help? Well, no, she said. She gave me her card and promised to call me back in the next week, which she did. But now she sounded puzzled. Surely the state will fix this soon, she said.
Will I have a penalty? I asked. “Only,” she says, “If you don’t purchase by March 1st.” I am not feeling confident. Please share this post.


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