Write a House by Christine Duncan

Before I get started, I need to apologize for my absence last week. I was out of town, attending my sister’s memorial. I should have prepared in advance, but somehow, I could not. I try not to miss this blog’s deadlines. I just was not walking in real time last week.

I have wanted to do an update on the Write a House awards. They recently awarded their second house and you can see pictures here.  For those who haven’t heard, this is such a cool and innovative idea.  In Detroit, the non-profit Write a House is giving writers a chance to win a home in Detroit.   It is such a win-win idea.  The non-profit is seeking to not only support the literary arts, but to bring in people who will help stabilize a neighborhood in Detroit. In the process, they are also helping to provide vocational training to students who will help with the renovations of the houses.  If you are interested, the 2016 applications are not yet out, but keep this link bookmarked.  These folks deserve some publicity for the sheer brilliance of their idea, of renovating their community, supporting education and the arts.


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