E-Magazines by Christine Duncan

I have long been an advocate for e-books. It is wonderful for those of us with lousy eyesight, and I wanted my books published that way. I only wish I could say the same for magazines.

I just have never gotten the hang of Zinio, although I continually try. My finger always lands on the wrong spot on the page and I go from an article that I was really interested in to some other page. Or the page will get stuck somehow, and load and load and load. Yes, I do have high speed internet.

I usually end up reading it while I scan Facebook, so I won’t get too frustrated. Still, it is rare for me to finish reading a whole magazine. I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I would never purchase a magazine this way. I read only what my library provides for free. I still have a paper subscription to the magazines I love.
I have been impatient in the past when people told me they would never read e-books. What’s not to like? I would ask. You can carry a whole library with you anywhere. You can buy books cheaper, letting you try new authors more easily, and you can adjust the font so you can read without glasses or contacts. All of this is true of e-magazines, but somehow, I can’t get the hang of it. Anyone have a tip?


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