First Week As A Writer

Right, end of my first week as a full-time writer. It’s been brilliant, and also exhausting.

Brilliant because I can write whenever I want to. Exhausting because I am writing all the time. My desk is right here in the living room, so my work is always there. When I have an idea, I can leap right up and work on it. No delay, no frustration.

But I also find if I’m reading, or watching TV, I find myself gravitating towards the manuscript, and instead of taking the break I planned, writing for another half hour. I’m getting a lot of work done, but I also now have a massive headache.

It’s my own fault. It’s like been given a choice of ice cream in the restaurant, and shouting out ‘all of them!’ and then eating a full serving of every one. Brilliant at the time, but you regret it later.

So first lesson – take a day off a week. And take a proper lunch break. And take a walk everyday. And maybe cut down on the coffee (maybe…)

But apart from that, this week has been amazing.

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