The Perfect Gift

Merry Christmas! Did you get lots of books? I know I did, mostly because I bought them myself.

When they predicted the death of the print book, I think they may have been wrong. I do buy the majority of my books as ebooks, because I have a tiny flat, and no space to store the 2000 books I have my kindle. (No, I haven’t read them all. I plan to read them all. I just need six months off to do nothing but read).

But I cannot resist a book. Although I have all the classics on my kindle, when I want to read a classic book, I see if the library has a copy. I just prefer to grasp it in my hand.

The bookshop has released a series of classic books in gorgeous covers, on thick paper, with gold embossed words on the cover. They are beautiful. I succumb to book lust every time I see them.

However, what I buy is a paperback, especially if it’s in an offer. The joy of books, I think, is beauty and browsing. When I see a pile of books, I go over, scan the covers and titles. I pick up the ones that catch my eye, and read the blurb. I open them up and read a few pages. It’s a very physical way to buy something to read, and somehow more satisfying than browsing the kindle sales.

I have been put off books by the way it’s printed, or the font used, because it looks awkward, or difficult to read. I can’t keep all the books I buy, so they go to the charity shop afterwards. So physical real books do have a downside, and I am constantly thinking do I have space, can I get this on a kindle, can I get it from the library?

But there are books under the Christmas Tree. I have given books as gifts. There will always be books under my Christmas Tree, and I will always have a large ‘to be read’ pile in the corner of the living room. Merry Christmas books.


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