Can’t Hide From Reviews

I promised myself I wouldn’t read reviews. I’m the kind of person who could read 99 good reviews, but the 100th bad review would be the one stuck in my mind. I’d replay it endlessly in my head as I wrote, and I’d never be able to get anything done.

But I was thinking that this was the days when avoiding reviews meant not buying the papers. Reviews are online now – but not even avoiding the website will do. People are tweeting me reviews.

This surprised me, mostly because I didn’t know the book was out there being reviewed. And if I want to avoid them, I will have to avoid social media. Well, I’m not going to do that. I love social media. Nowhere else could I find a group of like-minded people to endlessly discuss books, TV, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, and Star Wars with. So, I have a choice. Get off social media, and avoid reviews, or stay on, and face them.

I’ve decided to stay. I will just have to face the reviews. And if I get a bad one, I have to think about what the review is saying. Is it justified? If it is, maybe that can make me a better writer.

But oh, part of me does long for the days when it was possible to lock yourself away on a remote island until all the reviews were over and done with.


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