Writing Apps by Christine Duncan

I see quite a few writing apps out there. Some of them seem sort of pointless to me.

Wordly promises to time your writing.  You have to type in the number of words you wrote and then it will give stats such as words per minute. Not to sound too much like Andy Rooney, rest his soul, but I have a clock and I can do the math, if I wanted.  I just don’t see the good of it. Some days I might write 200 words in ten minutes and other days, that would take an hour.

Writing prompts is an app recommended for those who need inspiration. When I have writer’s block, it is usually because I am stuck on a certain passage, or don’t know quite how to proceed on whatever work in progress (wip) I’m working on.  I used prompts when I first started writing, hoping that if I could just write something, I would get unstuck.  Unfortunately, my brain does not seem to work this way.  It will blather on forever, as long as it does not have to apply itself to the wip.  I gave up on prompts.

I can definitely see the good of apps like Write, which you can use as a word processor on Android.  But otherwise, I don’t really see an app I would use.


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