Paris by Christine Duncan

I thought of writing something off of Michele’s post, “Second Draft.”  It appears that she is a pantser, someone who does not work off an outline, but rather someone who writes it down as she thinks of it.  It is a classic writing debate:  outline, or seat of the pants.

But it is not one that I’m up to, right now.  As I write this, the events in Paris are only a few days old.  I think there are better things we all need to read right now.

We all need to learn more about ISIS.  We need to figure out who is the next leader in the U.S. who will be able to deal with them.  We need to understand what makes people walk into a stadium or a crowded concert hall, look at the happy, relaxed people around them and think about killing.

I loved the #Porteouverte response, the Nous Sommes Paris way that not only the French but the world responded.

We are not afraid.  But we need to be informed.   And we need to stop them.


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