NaNoWriMo starts today (Nov 1st) by Christine Duncan

I wanted to participate in this one. I really did. I’ve been thinking about it all through October. And yet, I can’t tell you why I didn’t. I cleaned, I cooked, I voted, (my husband dropped dropped the ballots off) I ran, I grocery shopped, I went to drop off my over due library books. And I thought about why I didn’t write.
Lately, many things, like writing , have begun to feel like chores. I didn’t want that, so I pulled myself back from my guilt trips. Maybe a little too far. The thing is, for me, it appears that if writing isn’t a “have to” I think I should only get to do it when all my chores are done. At least, I think that is what I think.
Now I am reading a lot of writers reporting word counts and I have…nothing. It’s ahead game.. All of life is a head game. I just need to work on it.


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