Back in Hospital

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It’s back into hospital for me this week, which is where I am right now, for hopefully, my final operation. I’m looking forward to it, in an odd way. Not the pain and mess, but the peace.

I’m taking a notebook in, and hope to write out a few scenes to add to the book I’m writing now. And I’m going to start sketching out book four.

Hospital stays, though frustrating, have always been a rich source of material for me. During my first major hospital stay, a couple of years ago, frustrated and worried and feeling crowded, I sketched out my ideas for my second book. Up until that point I didn’t even have any idea what my second book would be about. And in hospital, there is always a character, or a scene I can ‘borrow’ for my own uses. And then, there is of course, the relaxing sensation of not feeling like I need to do the housework, or the laundry.

I should be back next week, though if not, I apologise in advance. In the meantime, I hope to get some work done, and gather something good for another book.


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