Reading or Writing?

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Does anyone else have trouble reading whilst they are writing? I don’t mean during the actual act of writing (because that’s silly), but in that period when you are writing a book, do you find it difficult to read other books?

It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading other people’s books. I have, for instance, in my Kindle, just arrived this morning, a crime story I’ve been waiting for. I am enjoying it. And yet, I can’t concentrate. I can’t concentrate on any book. I keep putting the book down to think about my own book.

I’m still in first draft stage, so still in the ideas and how to make things work and how does the plot go, and are you sure he’s the murderer stage and so on. But I cannot write continuously. So I stop, and I read and ten minutes later I find my mind drifting.

Sometimes something in the book I’m reading has given me an idea, but not always. I just find my attention wandering, and I end up staring out the bus window, or at the park, just thinking.

It’s a bit annoying. I like to read, and I want to concentrate, and fully appreciate what I’m reading. But I can’t, and I know this stage won’t be over for at least another two drafts of my own book. I suppose I better get in with it then. Then I can relax and read.


One response to “Reading or Writing?

  1. Totally suffer from that reading/writing dilemma — the only exception for me is if I need to do some factual research.

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