Thunderclaps and Bookblow by Christine Duncan

I hadn’t heard of thunderclap before this week. Apparently, authors help each other out by contributing a tweet or Facebook or tumbler status, for whatever is being promoted–say a book release. All of those tweets, or status updates are scheduled for the same time, thus the name thunderclap. It makes a certain amount of sense as you would then have announced to each follower of your fellow authors. And it doesn’t take a great deal of time for anyone. Still, it would have to be a really good tweet to grab any interest. Something that just says my novel was released today will be lost in the shuffle.
The other promo trick I heard about this week was Bookblow which promises to promote your book (for a fee, I’m sure) to over 350,000 people on twitter. Seems like thunderclap to me although not free. The reviews on bookblow appeared to be less than favorable. My guess is that if you’re paying for it, you might expect better results.
I still think that the best way to promote is NOT to go around tweeting, “I have a book. Buy my book.” But what do I know. I have nothing to promote right now.


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