Words, Blog Writing, and Sales by Christine Duncan

This blog is a mish mash of writing things that I thought were interesting this week.  First off,  did you see this article about writer Stephen Pinker’s book, The Sense of Style? It contains a list of words people misuse.   I had fun looking through it, and was relieved to see some of the words (or non-words) that annoy me on it, such as irregardless.  I cringe whenever I hear that one, but for some reason, gi-normous, another of my own pet peeves, didn’t make the list.

I also stumbled on this article, 10 Simple Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Post, which I loved.  Although this particular article is aimed at a business audience, it is great for writers too.  How many blogs fail over time as the writer abandons it, for lack of time or material?  This post makes short work of excuses and tells just how to get rolling again.

Last but not least, I found an article (with a way long title) that finally acknowledges what many of us who have been e-publishing our books have long known.  When e-book prices increase, sales slump.  Uh huh.


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