Funds for Writers by Christine Duncan

I have been fascinated lately by the number of writers I see on Facebook or here on WordPress who are seeking crowdfunding for their writing.  I’m not quite sure I understand the whole deal.  If I do crowdfunding, do the people who fund me get a percentage of the profits?  What if the book fails?   What are people funding anyway?  Is this to give people time to write?  Or is it for money for publicity?  Sorry to be dense, but this is a new frontier for me.

Somehow my google search on the whole deal went wonky though (I frequently follow bunny trails on google) and I ended up finding other kinds of funding for writers, like contests and grants.  So I thought I would share some of the links here.

Poets and Writers is a great source of funding information for writers. It goes on for pages.  Don’t start that one unless you have some time to investigate.

Funds for Writers has some cool links.  Some of these residency programs sound awesome.  Who wouldn’t like uninterrupted time to write?

 Michigan State University has a page that is devoted to grants and subventions.  I had to look up what the heck subvention is though. To save any of you who might not know either from going to the trouble, Merriam Webster says it’s an endowment or grant of money.

I’m guessing I’ll leave crowdfunding for another time.


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