Why I Blog by Christine Duncan

Someone lately asked me why I am blogging now.  I don’t have a book that I am currently promoting and I’m struggling for time to write on my Work In Progress.  It seemed obvious that I should cut out blogging and use that time on my WIP.

I won’t though and the reasons seem pretty obvious to me.  For one thing, blogging helps develop (and reinforces) writing discipline.  Since I am responsible for a post week after week, it makes me think about it throughout the week.  It makes me flex those writing muscles.  It forces me to use the skills that I need in my fiction-in a different way maybe-but I still have to use them.

As I was explaining this,  someone else made the point that it takes time to build an audience on a blog.  So when I got another book to promote, I would be glad I kept it up.   But I’ve never been the sort of blogger who writes a post to say “buy my book.”  It’s not about that.  I want a writing community and blogs help with that.

Blogs also develop my awareness as a writer of an audience.  Sometimes writing is an isolated business.  I don’t see the reader of my books.  But over the years, people have reacted to this blog–commenting on content mostly, but sometimes commenting on transitions  (or lack thereof) or voice and tense change.  I hear you folks in my head as I write now as I do some of the great critique partners that I have run into over the years.  But I’m sure I have more to learn.

So I’m going to keep blogging.


4 responses to “Why I Blog by Christine Duncan

  1. Authors write and not everything they write is a novel. Keep writing, you’ll get back to that WIP and it will be better for the time you’ve spent blogging.

  2. Good, Christine, I’m glad you’re going to keep blogging. I’d hate to see you become restrictive with your writing, thinking you “should” do one kind of writing in preference to another. That seems like hogwash to me, when people do that. It’s all about what comes up from the well of the subconscious, which sometimes is a choice between a brilliant blog piece and a mediocre something-else.

  3. I’m pretty much the same way. I’ve been slowly chipping away at my latest and because of the way I go about doing it (handwrite then transcribe) sometimes it feels like I’m making no progress. But, I still blog because it’s a great way to practice my writing and still stay connected with everyone (8 years running).

  4. You said eight years and I thought that’s not possible–I think you started about when we did. Then I looked and it’s been over seven for us! Unbelievable!

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