No, Honestly, I’m Not a Murderer

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‘I’m just going to have to murder her! I know how to do it…’

Goodness knows what anyone overhearing that would have thought. That I was a crazed madwoman. That I was bloodthirsty, at least. I might have expected a visit from the police…


But I’m a crime writer. And I find that talking about my work involves some very bloody conversations.  I also find that everyday life worms its way into my work. Ideas for characters, ideas for plots, ideas for deliciously fiendish murder methods – it must sound very odd to anyone who overhears me.


I recently told someone I just met about my stay in hospital. I mentioned how annoying I found one of the patients in my ward. ‘I just had to kill her’ I said. Then I realised how that might sound. ‘In print!’ I said quickly. ‘In a book!’ (oddly enough, I ended up not killing the character based on her).


Crime writers must seem a gory and morbid lot to others. We imagine death and destruction all the time. But, if ever you do talk to us, and find us obsessed with crime, remember, our books always end up with the bad guy caught, and right winning over wrong.


And if you happen to hear me planning a murder, remember, it’s in print only. Yes, just in print…


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