Online Writing Help by Christine Duncan

Social media writing sites seem to change constantly. I love them for the ability to keep up with writing tips –what publishers are accepting manuscripts now, or what will help draw people in if you are doing a signing, but it seems another one goes belly-up every week.
I had been a long time fan of crime space but the site seems to be dying. Twitter groups, where you mention someone’s name and they tweet back with yours seem like a waste. I am not going to spend time retweeting your tweet about your book, either. Ads are ads and I believe people avoid them. They’d rather know WHY they should read your book and just retweeting that they SHOULD read it is a waste of everyone’s time.
I’m seeing more more writers groups on Facebook lately though. I want to check out MysteriousDeadlines and I like what I see in Colorado writers.
And as always, I recommend marketing for romance writers and murder must advertise–both yahoo groups that really give hands on help.


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