How Do You Choose a Book? By Christine Duncan

It’s been a tiring weekend with chores never ending.  All I want to do is read something good. The problem is I don’t know what I want. I can tell you what I don’t want.

I don’t want a heroine who is a gorgeous  actress. I don’t want an historical. I don’t want to read noire, I want something funny, but not over the top. I want one that  will take my mind off my worries but will still seem like real life.  I want one that is fun and complicated without making me look back to figure out who is who in the cast.

I wouldn’t share this whine with except that I think it is at the heart of how we SELL our books.   I am not one for the synopsis.  I don’t care about your cover–unless it helps me decide if I’ve read the book before.   I tend to read the beginning of the book.

I want a page that takes me into the book right away–with people I like and a plot I care about.  And as an author, I know how hard it is to do that all in the first page. Still it gives me something to work on, when I can’t find what I want to read.


2 responses to “How Do You Choose a Book? By Christine Duncan

  1. That’s not something I ever gave much thought to–the things that make me choose a book. I lean toward memoir and nonfiction, but still not sure how I choose those…mysteries I nearly always want a female protagonist, and you’re right–she really doesn’t need to be a beauty queen, just smart and a little snarky. Sometimes I just go to the library and select one book off every sixth or seventh shelf till I have a little stack, then read a few pages of each of those (you can see sometimes I hit the same dilemma as you have!) and that actually works well in a pinch, as kind of a kick-start.

  2. I lean a lot towards non-fiction. If the topic interests me, I’ll pick it up. As for fiction, my speed is more towards historical, with a sprinkling of westerns, sci-fi/fantasy and a little romance.

    As of late though, it’s very tough for me read fiction as the time that is required to invest in that type of story is very limited for me right now. I usually do the bulk of my reading at work and it’s much easy to start and stop a book of non-fiction that it is to start a good book of fiction.

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