Title Matters by Christine Duncan

I’ve blogged before on how important I believe titles to be.  Not that I’m always great at them, myself.  But I hadn’t given much consideration to the title of advertising.

I recently received an email from the temporary agency where I have been working for months now.  The subject of the email?  “Christine, you messed up.” My stomach sank.   Yes, I am a nervous Nelly, but I defy anyone who has been dependent on temporary employment for any length of time to not get a tad nervous with that subject line. Why had they emailed me?  Why hadn’t they called me?  What was wrong?

When I clicked on it, I saw the entire title was : “Christine you messed up at work, now what?” They were advertising a blog post on the company website.  It was really nothing to do with me. After scanning the link to make sure, I trashed the email.  I had no interest in the post, although I might have liked it before this. All I wanted after that fright was some serious chocolate.

But I wonder, how often do we turn people off from reading our stuff in just that way? Do we get too short with our tweets ?  Let email truncate things? It’s worth looking into.


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