About The Author

I was recently asked to write an author blurb – you know, that bit of information below the author photo on the dust jacket. I didn’t have the faintest idea what to write, so I looked at a few.

Well, I noticed all the female author blurbs mentioned they were married, and how many kids they had. Well, I’m single, and have no kids, and apart from that, I don’t see what my marital status has to do with me as an author.

Or they say that so-and-so has a great job in such-and-such a company, and they live In a wonderful place. My day job isn’t that great, and I don’t want it defining me. Although I am perfectly happy to say I live in London, because I love London.

I really wanted my author blurb to say more about writing than me. Apart from my writing, I’m not very interesting. So I said a little about when I started writing, and what I wrote, and what interested me. I hope it’ll do.


One response to “About The Author

  1. I like that, and would find it interesting. I usually want to know where the author lives, or where they are from. And if their spouse or kids figure into the book I often want to know if the author’s still married to that spouse–just nosy! Aside from that, I’m sure you picked the best way to bring your readers to understand you and your writing. Something else you could add just for fun might be some things you really like, such as horses or jazz or art museums, that kind of thing. But then you run the risk of sounding like you’re on a dating site! Leave off margaritas on the beach, for sure. I really like your writing and I’m sure it isn’t the case that you’re uninteresting; maybe that’s a hard thing for people to see in themselves.

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