Speedlancer Reviews Anyone? by Christine Duncan

I am still trying to find a way to make a little more money with my writing.  So I was more than a little interested when I got an email inviting me to apply at Speedlancer.  I had never heard of them before.

From what I’ve read on the net, Speedlancer launched in 2014. They set the terms for the writing (or data entry or logo/banner design,) promising the client the work will be complete in four hours   So its a win-win situation–no messy bidding for writers looking for projects and quick turnover for people who need work finished.  It sounds great.

All I want is to find some writers who work for them to review Speedlancers.  It is after all, new.  Have there been any glitches? Anyone?


5 responses to “Speedlancer Reviews Anyone? by Christine Duncan

  1. I’ve been speedlancing for a few weeks now with an overall feedback rating of 4.5/5 stars.

    Gotta say I’ve never been happier with writing work. Just this morning, somebody got paid $30 for a 400 word blog post about pets for the elderly. That’s insane. I can churn out that many words faster than I can finish a cup of coffee, and that’s saying something.

    I can seriously make rent popping out one mid-level ad piece a day. Sign up, you won’t regret it.

  2. Hi Christine,
    I am a “Speedlancer”. I joined the site because I liked two of their selling points: no bidding and no undercutting by bargain-seekers.

    The first point is ideal, as you just accept any available task that you KNOW you can handle.

    The second point is subtle. If a potential employer agrees to pay too little for the requested project, all of the freelancers will ignore the post! This forces the employer to realize that the offer is not in line with amount of work. He or she will have to repost the project at a higher price point.
    As far as I know, Speedlancer does not set the terms – just the fee rate.

    When the site first came online, the usual startup glitches occurred. Personally, I think the concept is only as good as the delivery system, so I’m glad they moved away from the “Help Desk” style of managing requests.

    The current system is much smoother and that allows me to focus on the tasks. The way it works, you tell the Speedlancer folks what you are interested in providing. In turn, you receive (mostly) targeted emails about open tasks.

    Other Freelancers who share your skill set will receive the same email. Whoever is not busy and responds first gets the job. Simple.

    I have no problem with the 4-hour deadline, because I only take tasks that I can complete in 1 or two hours. (I’m not a professional writer, I do data processing, and getting 23.00 for a couple hours of work is fine for me. – I don’t know what rates are being offered for writing assignments.)

    The last thing you may want to consider is this: Speedlancer is still ramping up. As more employers begin to use the site, there will likely be plenty of work that you can do between your main gigs.



  3. Thanks for your comments. One thing I like about amazon turk is that you can get paid whenever you want–you are in control of that. I also like that there is a forum where I can share with other workers.

  4. I signed up for them a while back but only recently started writing for them about a month or so ago once a writer friend verified they were legit. I don’t make a full-time income from them, but it is nice to make a few extra bucks doing easy tasks. Usually, I receive the emails when I am busy with other work but I usually can snag 2-3 articles a week from them with no problem. They pay once a week and you have access to support via Skype in the event a problem arises. I would suggest checking them out.

  5. Stay Away!

    Don’t even think of working with Speedlancer!
    It has been a nightmare trying to work with them.

    I paid $140 for a logo design and found out the hard way that there are no short cuts to quality design. They claim to give you back a full refund if they cannot get the job right “if the task doesn’t fulfill the description” but as I experienced, you could only “dream” of getting a refund when they totally fail on delivery.
    Their work is of very poor and low quality (3 designer have to share your fee minus Speedlancer’s cut), and worse of all – their support is ridiculous.
    I corresponded with Adam Stone who is their founder and was shocked to discover that this young kid has zero knowledge and no awareness to basic values of customer relationship, building credibility or any other values of excelling services.
    I knew I had made a mistake immediately within 4 hours after I published my job when I got the first round of so called “designs” from three of their freelancers.
    The quality of work was so much off, that I had immediately asked all designers to stop their work and I then contacted their support guy Sakib requesting their best designers to get on my task or if they are not capable – then I would like a refund.
    “Sakib” wrote back to me (quote):
    “please let them (designers) know what went wrong on the task page and they will work on it.
    If they cannot get it right even with the round of revisions, I’ll be happy to refund and republish the tasks”.
    I followed his advice, but when second round designs came in I was shocked again to find out another joke of low class deliveries.
    Well, I asked for a refund as Sakib had promised, but guess what?
    I was now refused with all kind of fairy tales that it was my fault…
    Oh god, what a nightmare!
    I will cut this story short and save you the details of this well-known path of back and forth countless frustrating emails where you can tell that the other side is deaf-dumb-blind to you.
    If you do not have a budget for quality work, you could try Fiver – even their $5-$25 work has far much greater value.
    Don’t trust Speedlancer or their founder Adam who makes promises in various publications, only to deny them later with ridiculous excuses putting you – his customer, at fault.
    Stay away from trouble.
    I have no interest whatsoever to spend my energy and my time fighting Speedlancer, but the aggravation and the humiliation with this arrogant behavior of their founder has lead me take action, so nobody gets hurt again from this fraud.

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