Websites VS Blogs by Christine Duncan

I’ve been doing some reading on SEO (search engine optimization) in an attempt to widen my saleable writing skill set.  Imagine my surprise when I realized that much that comes under the title of SEO is stuff I’ve been doing for years in relation to  web sites.  Spending time on Meta keywords,, making sure pages load quickly, having links from other sites and being listed in the search engines were basics my husband and I did when we set the sites up. Although we could use site maps, I suppose.  Still I had allowed myself to complicate SEO into something magical. People discuss SEO as though it is a guarantee of hits, and thus sales. And they make it sound much more complicated than having the courage and patience to wait to see if your meta tags are giving you decent SERP (search engine result page) ranking before tinkering with them, or submitting your site for links with other sides.

Which isn’t to say that re-examining your website on a regular basis (something I am trying to do) is a bad thing.  As a matter of fact, I have already left it way too long.  Which leaves me to the point of this post.  Do authors need websites anymore?

Many writers I know seem only to do a blog, and blogs, to quote a WordPress blog, depend more on regular interesting content, rather than SEO.

I like blogs.  I feel as though they let me do what I want to do anyway–write–whereas maintaining a web page feels artificial and a bit more on the advertising/promo side .  Don’t ask me why. But is the reason my personal webpage is way behind on  its need for an update.  So authors, help please.  What do you think? Is a web page necessary anymore?


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