Writing on Hold? by Christine Duncan

I liked Michelle’s post Finish/Start so much that a simple comment won’t do. I    have been feeling a little disorganized lately as  I have been doing writing on some of the crowd workers sites.  I might see something on Amazon Turk  asking for someone to  write a short ad for a business, but I don’t accept the Hit right away, even if I am worried that it will be gone before I do. I try some survey or just get a cup of coffee. Meanwhile  some part of my brain is organizing, thinking. Until I read what Michelle’s post I was feeling vaguely guilty.

Many  writing Hits are paying on the low side. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on  them. Doing something else, while I get it settled in the back of my mind makes me more productive.  But it seems counter intuitive. Thank you,  Michelle I am glad to be in such good company.


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