How Will You Sell Your Book Once It’s Published? by Christine Duncan

I’m a member of a group that wants to publicize some local community news in hopes of getting out the vote. The group has effectively used some social media such as Facebook to gather people but there is definitely more to be done.  There has been some thought about a newsletter, either emailed or snail mailed, but the question is bigger than just what kind of media. The group consistently draws the middle-aged, not the younger community residents. We need to figure out how to reach them.

This is a question that many communities, school districts and non-profits have faced for years. How does one get the word out? Media is wonderful, but if your Nextdoor group or Facebook page is  to do any good, it has to be attract people in the first place.  That puts you in the position of advertising the thing you are using to advertise. And what do you do to find the people who aren’t on Facebook, or don’t read blogs?

Why am I even bringing this question up with you?  Because it is essentially the problem that you and I face as  authors.  We can tweet, bloghop  and  have that Facebook page, but even in the digital age, that has its limits. We need more.

Booktours are increasingly expensive as small bookstores faced with online competition seek to level the playing field by charging authors.  But even  so, you can’t rule them out.

There have been tales of writers who sold books on streetcorners and by having talks at senior centers. You definitely want to think about what you can say that will interest an audience.  And the first step there is figuring out who your audience is. Because even if writing is a solitary profession, selling your writing is not.


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