Downer Fiction by Christine Duncan

Maybe it’s because it’s the end of winter and I’m in need of a big bunch of sunlight, but right now, I’m done with downer books. You know the ones I mean. The protagonist is an alcoholic, unemployed, three times divorced, schizophrenic who just got a cancer diagnosis and then was hit by a bus on the way home and now wants to reconnect with the (disfunctional) family s/he abandoned years before. This is reality fiction these days, and all I can say is if that was my reality, I would have jumped in front of that bus.
I want a book that reflects hope and fun and family. I want a book that gives me a glimpse of a happy day if not a happily ever after. I want a book that not only gives me that stuff but also doesn’t make me feel that they dumbed it down to one syllable words and concepts suitable for the feeble minded optimist I undoubtedly am. Any suggestions?


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