What Keeps Us Reading by Christine Duncan

I picked up a mystery the other day and I am fascinated by  why I won’t put it down.  You see, I don’t like it.  I have no liking whatsoever for the narrator/heroine of the story.  I dislike the copious and unnecessary use of four letter words as adjectives. No I’m not a prude and I have been known to drop the f-bomb but to use it as a frequent adjective is just boring.

And the plot, which seemed so interesting when I picked the book out…well let’s just say I’m pretty sure I know whodunnit. But I   keep  reading and I don’t know why.

As a writer, I find  that question compelling. I thought readers needed a hero they like, a plot that gave unforseeable twists and turns, and writing that transported them.  And in a way, if I get past the Gen X inside jokes and the four letter words, there is a flow…. But I can’t believe  that is enough. Yet  I keep picking it back up.

What keeps you reading?


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