Personalize Your Promo? by Christine Duncan

I know that many authors are trying to think of different ways to promote. They join street teams, go on blogtours to other people’s blogs and write guest posts and do chats. Facebook, twitter and Pinterest have tons of authors and there is still Goodreads or websites like crimespace. It seems promotion is endless.
But I saw something simple this weekend that made me think. Colorado had a prediction of a big snowstorm with some cold. And Noodles & Company sent out emails to customers with a buy one get one promo for the storm. They knew people would need incentive to leave their warm houses and they provided it.
I liked that. It felt more personal. Now I know that Noodles & Company saw that weather report and predicted what it would do to their own bottom line, but it made me think. Why can’t I do that?
Romance writers often do promo on Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t really say much. What if I figured out a way to do a sale on my book on one of these cold and stormy weekends that said to my readers, “Hey, I know you don’t want to go out. Stay in and read my book?” Or come the summer, “I have the perfect beach read for you. Here’s a sale on my book.”
Okay, it’s a thought. I haven’t quite figured out how I can get a sale at say, Bookbub at the spur of the moment and promote the way Noodles & Company did, but I’m thinking, ok?


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