I was reading posts on MurderMustAdvertise (check it out–it`s a Yahoogroups and it can be a big help to give new ideas on how to promote your book) when I came across a discussion on Twitter. One author said she could not trace a single book sale to Twitter, and she thinks people just tune out the relentless “buy my book” chatter that many authors do. Y(ou should have seen me nodding agreement to that one–my head was in danger of coming off. Twitter authors irritate the stuffing out of me.) She went on to say that she herself would never see a single tweet unless someone directly messaged her as that is the way she has set her preferences on Twitter. She never reads the thing, she just tweets.
I have this blog set to post on Twitter, and that made me think. You see, someone would have to email me for me to see it as my original Twitter account was linked to a very old email account and I can`t for the life of me remember the password. I don`t have access to the old email account anymore, so if they email me the password, I can`t read it. This would normally be okay in most other social media, they would ask you a couple of questions and send you a new password to your current email. On Twitter, they don`t do that. So this blog posts every week to a Twitter account I can’t access.
I got a new Twitter account and I think I have followed a lot of the people I was following before, but i can`t be sure. Meanwhile since I think Twitter only closes accounts that have no posts for a while the other account will probably go on and on until this blog closes up shop.
And I wonder how many people are tweeting and wondering why I`m not responding. But hey, at least I’m not tweeting “buy my book.”


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