Writing for Money by Christine Duncan

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported on my attempts to make money writing. Here’s what I’ve so far figured out:
The good news? Yes, you can make money writing for Amazon Turk. You will be writing Tweets for businesses, or commenting on blog posts (who knew I could get money for that. And all this time, I’ve been giving it away! Yes, I am sarcastic.) I wrote a paragraph of a short story (that one was actually fun.)
The bad news? Qualifications seem to take forever to be granted–some of the places that want writers seem already overwhelmed with talent. And you won’t make much per HIT (Human Intelligence Task) but it is possible to do it on your lunch hour or break and it is cumulative.
I have not yet made any money on oDesk/Elance because I still have about a million tests to take and because I am a chicken when it comes to bidding. Jobs there vary from writing blogs for businesses to being a ghost writer for e-books.
I have never yet, seen a job on clickworker.
I’ll let you know if I do.


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