But Where’s The Loo?

I read a great book (First Fifteen Lives of Harry August) and two moments in it made me cheer a little. They were two moments where the character worries about where the toilet is.

Now, that may seem weird, but it’s something I always think about. Whenever I read a description of a house, or room, I always find myself thinking ‘where’s the loo?’.

Maybe this is a personal quirk. I have ulcerative colitis, which means I often need to go to the loo, with very little warning. Therefore, whenever I go anywhere, I spy out all the toilets, and work out how I can get access to them. Maybe that’s why I’m obsessed with the toilets.

I just watched an episode of the Walking Dead and spent at least ten minutes wandering how they did a toilet visit in the woods with walkers all around…

I think maybe the inclusion of the toilet makes a place real for me. Dream palaces don’t have loos, homes do. Once I know where the loo is, and that there is a library, I can imagine myself in that place, relaxing.

Or maybe I’m just weirdly obsessed with toilets.


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