Forcing Writing by Christine Duncan

I’d like to continue along Michelle’s lines. Her last post on getting writing started was something I had been thinking about myself this week. I’ve done the free writing exercise she mentioned where I just write down whatever comes into my head. It works. It especially works when I’ve written myself into a corner and the character has nowhere to go. I just free write until something clicks.
But what works best for me is habit. If it is the time to write I’ve told myself I would write and I show up, I write. I schedule it as I do other things like going to work, and having dinner. It isn’t always the best stuff. We all have those days. But if I tell myself, it’s Sunday, I’m writing this blog, then somehow by hook or by crook, the blog gets written.
I learned this trick, oddly enough, with my running. The running, like the writing, is non-negotiable. How long, how far, that can vary depending on what time I have to give. Some days are busier than others. So for those days there is a “I will NOT bonk minimum.” For writing, that can be a page or a blog, but I will stay until that minimum is done.
What’s your trick for getting writing done when you’re just not there in your head?


One response to “Forcing Writing by Christine Duncan

  1. Mine works like this:
    more nothing
    [idea pops into head outta nowhere]
    drop everything while the story writes itself

    Worst strategy ever, if there’s a deadline, though. Mostly I’m just always on the lookout for ideas and once in awhile one shows up.

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