Holiday Tradition by Christine Duncan

It’s been a week of snow and cold. And now, at eight o’clock on a Sunday night, I’m finally in the excited planning stages of getting ready for the holidays to come. So of course, I have to read a holiday mystery. I’m starting JD Robb’s Festive in Death. Yes, I know many people who turn up their noses at Robb’s popular in Death series, making statements like, “it’s the literary equivalent of junk food.”
Too freakin’ bad. Noire and the holidays just don’t mix. And there is a reason Ms. Robb (Nora Roberts) is a best seller, she delivers. In this case, I am expecting a futuristic mystery with overtones of the holiday and I’m sure that I will get it. But I’m open to reading just about anything with a holiday bent just now. Snow, cold and the shortened days just spell holidays don’t they?
And I’m not above dissecting the whole deal to try to figure out just how it all works. So I can create my own holiday themed mystery.


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