Rule of Three by Christine Duncan

You know, when we started this blog, we had three writers. Narelle lives in Australia and she balanced Michelle (Great Britain) and me, (U.S.) But Narelle moved on and Karen (Australia) came on board. Then Karen left too. I have put off looking for a replacement for a long time, and I guess the biggest reason is that I see a lot of people start blogs but very few actually keep at it. Even just writing for a blog once a week, requires discipline. You have to have an idea and you have to show up with it week after week. I’ve been on other multi-writer blogs and they bit the dust. And to my shame, I have to say, I helped contribute to that with one of them.
I learned my limits. I can and will write on this blog. But once a week is all I have to give.

So are any of you looking for a blog home? Would you like to write a writing related post once a week? Let me know!


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