A Hazard of Writing by Christine Duncan

One of the problems I have with writing is that it ruins stuff for me. Tonight I was watching a popular TV program, which had engaging characters, a plot that kept putting the heroine up a tree and throwing stones at her and a problem that as a writer bugged the heck out of me. Someone else kept rescuing her.
It wasn’t always the same someone else, mind you. I haven’t even worked out who the hero of this particular show is. Most of the focus is on her. But nevertheless whenever she is in a spot, someone else comes riding in on the white horse and fixes it.
It annoys me.
Do you critique the books as you read them and the programs as you watch them? It’s wonderful when I get m hands on some wonderful piece of writing and critique it. I learn a lot. But right about now, it’s ruining a bunch of entertainment options.


2 responses to “A Hazard of Writing by Christine Duncan

  1. Totally agree. I can’t stop criticizing things that I probably would’ve thought was awesome back in the day.

  2. That just means it’s crap. The good ones you will never analyze.

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