The Importance of Titles by Christine Duncan

I tend not to write the title of whatever I’m writing until I’m a good way into writing it. I think about it for a while, stewing over what is best. Titles sell your work, they are the sneak peek that makes the reader want to read more.
But so many of us just neglect them. I’ve seen blogs just titled by their date: Jana’s Blog, Monday February xx,
Really? So why should I read it? It looks like a diary of some kind.
On the other side, I’ve seen magazines with covers that promise all kinds of wonders inside: Save Five Hours From Your Day or Twenty Ways to Improve Your Parenting When I’ve read the darn magazine, I look back at the table of contents, trying to find where I was supposed to find those five hours I was saving, only to find that they reference multiple pages, all of which had short blurbs on them trying to sell me on crock pots or multi-tasking beauty products. That kind of thing just turns readers off and they do remember.
A good title tells the reader what you’re going to tell them. It sparks the thought that maybe they need to read your work. Titles are worth the thought you put into them.


One response to “The Importance of Titles by Christine Duncan

  1. Having the right title is definitely an essential thing. When my commercial debut came out, it had the title that I was originally using as a placeholder. Problem was, was that no one really knew what it meant/stood for, so ultimately it became the kiss of death. Fortunately, I got a 2nd chance with it this year and came up with a title that now accurately represents the blurb on the back of the book.

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