Writing as a Not So Solitary Job by Christine Duncan

Writing must look easy from the outside. I know everyone I know has an idea for a book. Most of them will tell me they don’t have time to write it, so they offer me their ideas for free. Free or not, a book is more than a single idea. It’s more of a collection of them. And I’ve never been lucky enough to have the hard work done for me.
But I guess that is what most of us who read writing blogs, or write them, already know. The writing is worked out gradually, piece by piece. If we’re lucky, we find a blog or a book that takes a bit of the mystery out of the whole thing, distilling it down to some reachable piece of craft, or at least showing us that other writers struggle with the same stuff.
Or, as we often do here, we put the questions out there, and hope some other helpful writer has the answer. I know that is what all those people who want to tell me what to write MEAN to do. If you ask me, it turns out that even that part of writing, sharing the craft, isn’t all that easy either.


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